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Frequently Asked Questions:




What is the geographic scope of your business?

GDS serves the global money centers of The Americas, Europe & Asia

What were the functional areas of expertise and placements between 2002-2017?  What were the industry specific areas of expertise and number of placements?

Global G10/Emerging Markets Economic Research,

Global FX Sales & Trading, G10 & Emerging Markets FX Strategy, US FI Corporate Bond Sales,Global FI Derivatives Sales, Trading & Research, 100 % Financial Industry.


What is your overall methodology and approach to recruiting? Can you give an example of an actual case where you have been selected to provide a candidate for a major client?

Our recruitment methodology & approach is based on a process done in a way that is meaningful, accurate and consistent.  Our ability to successfully complete searches comes from first, our in-depth understanding of global financial markets and exceptional candidate analysis.  Second, we have a vast real time network & contacts of financial professionals spanning all the major money centers in the global capital markets.  Our network & database allows us to seamlessly match a select list of top candidates to the jobs we are mandated to fill.  The database provides us with instant access to market professionals around the world who are ideally matched to the job and backgrounds have been accurately verified.  We strive to minimize the number of resumes presented to our clients.  We also are consistently updating our database to assure the client is getting candidates who are on the market and who are qualified for the job.  We conduct each search with the utmost professionalism, integrity, competence, objectivity, confidentiality and accuracy and at all times avoiding conflicts of interest.



What is your overall methodology and approach to providing a diverse (i.e., minority, women, or disadvantaged) slate of candidates?

Our overall methodology and approach to providing a diverse slate of candidates comes from understanding our clients’ culture.  We fully recognizing it takes a diverse, multi-cultural workforce and work environment to generate productivity and profitability.   We are proactive supporters of equal opportunity in employment and objectively evaluate all qualified candidates regardless of age, race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.



What key areas make your search firm unique from your competitors in the market?

1 – We offer a competitive fee structure

2 – We are a boutique executive search firm committed 100% to the financial industry. 

3 – We have an in-depth understanding of the global capital markets finance business. 

4 – We are internationally recognized as one of the best foreign exchange & fixed income contingency recruiters in the industry. 

5 – We make every effort to handle our business professionally and to respect confidentiality issues of the both the client & candidate. 

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